A guide to getting out the vote!

Getting out the vote (GOTV) can seem intimidating — but it does not have to be when you have amazing resources available. We are sending this to YOU because we need as many people volunteering, role modeling, sharing GOTV efforts as possible! We’ve aggregated some of the great work already out there to make things even easier for you.

*Note: We are not affiliated with any individual organization.

Check your info and ask friends/followers to do the same.


Go here to check your registration status, find your polling place, get an absentee ballot, and all things voting-related.


Go here for questions about voting in your state, to check if you are registered,if your state has early voting available, your polling location, to get an absentee ballot, and to see who is on your ballot.

Vote Save America

Go here to check if you are registered to vote, your polling location, and to see who and what are on your ballot.

Rock The Vote

Go here for info on voting and voting rights in your home state.

Election Protection Hotline:
1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)

***Reminder: You can take your cell phone into the voting booth.***

Can you give a few hours this week and post about it?

human-to-human contact has proven the most effective way to get out the vote!

Knock on doors, make some calls:


Go to Swing Left to volunteer for the election closest to you that needs the most help between now and Election Day.


Check out the progressive political events near you with Flippable or Working Families Party


Sign up to the volunteer with Color of Change PAC’s #VotingWhileBlack campaign.

Phone Bank


go to Indivisible to sign up for an upcoming phone bank

Write postcards


Go to Postcards to Voters to sign up to volunteer to write handwritten reminders to targeted voters in close, key races. Fun party activity!



donate to a progressive candidate in a swing district here. You can donate directly through Swing Left’s site or go to the candidate’s site once you identify the race you want to donate to. You can also donate to State Legislature candidates



Throw a fundraiser for a candidate you love at home, at a bar, wherever, and encourage your friends to donate online prior to coming to the event. Send a minimum of 3 emails, texts, reminders, etc! (Don’t worry about spamming, they will thank you in November.)

Travel to a swing state or district to GOTV

this is a bigger lift, but always worthwhile. A few states that could use some volunteers: Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, North Dakota…..

Offer your home for supporter housing

in every state in this country, there are campaigns in need of supporter housing. Even if you can’t contribute by knocking on doors or making calls, you can contribute in a big way: open up your home. Get int touch with your local campaigns to find out how you can offer your home as supporter housing.

***See what progressive candidates in your state need by going to their campaign site and signing up to volunteer directly with them.***


Find out who in your contact book is not a registered or frequent voter, and send them an automated text to remind them of the upcoming election!

Brink Election Guide

Fully accessible app built to be accessible, for everyone. Get voting rights (including disability-specific access rights) and what to say if you see discriminatory behaviors on Election Day right at your fingertips.

Sharing is caring

  • Post a picture/selfie/video of you phonebanking, knocking doors, texting friends reminders, donating, fundraising, writing postcards, early voting, absentee voting, voting on November 6.
    (Even if you can only do one of these activities for half an hour, modeling how to do this is really key!)
  • Post about voting with one of the resources above. If you post art and images,vplease remember to credit artists!
  • Offer to repost people if they GOTV and then tag or send you a photo of themselves getting out the vote.Post about voting with one of the resources above. If you post art and images,vplease remember to credit artists!
  • Offer to answer questions in your DMs around voting.

Please vote, and vote early if you can! The midterms are a chance to vote to create the kind of world we believe in. The opportunity only comes every two years. Don’t miss your chance to use your vote!
#Midterms2018 #BeAVoter #GoVote #VoteEarly

Who are you bringing to the polls? Voting is more effective (and fun!) if you grab a few friends.
#Midterms2018 #BeAVoter #GoVote #VoteEarly

Spread the word — vote all the way down the ballot! Your local races have a huge impact on criminal justice reform, clean water, civil rights, health care and jobs.
#Midterms2018 #BeAVoter #GoVote #VoteEarly

Make a plan to save Democracy! Are you voting before work? After? Bringing the kids? Talk to your friends & fam about their voting plans and keep each other on track!
#Midterms2018 #BeAVoter #GoVote #VoteEarly