My Birthday Memories

“When I was little, I always had big birthday parties in the backyard with 15 to 20 friends. It was very traditional. My mom would make chocolate cake with chocolate icing – my favorite.”

Favorite Birthday Present:

Once, this boy I had a crush on gave me a Raggedy Ann ceramic piggy bank as a gift. Unfortunately — you know how boys are — he shoved the present into my face when he entered the party, promptly giving me a bloody nose.

Age 5:
“I remember this birthday because I got a Big Wheel – and not a Powder Puff one, either.
My sister had the chicken pox and I had the Big Wheel, which was great.
Since she is my older sister, she would always take over my gifts, but because she wasn’t feeling well, I got to ride the Big Wheel all by myself.”

Age 8:
“My family used to drive all over on our vacations. [One year], we had a picnic and then canoed out to a private island in Michigan, where we celebrated my birthday. You can’t actually tell I am on an island because I am sitting on a rock. As you can see I am covering my sisters’ faces with my birthday cards.
We spent the day diving off cliffs and swimming around in a lake.”