Along with Amy and Anne Berrys two sisters, Connie F. Bane fighting for those millions of people who are affected by ME/CFS and for a better knowledge of this horrible disease.
Together they founded the social network group ‘Friends Of Anne Berry‘ on Facebook to spread the word and educate for those people who are unable to leave their beds and speak for themselves!

Our objective is to bring awareness, fight for health equality, execute actions and educate people on
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) which is what Anne Berry our friend, daughter and sister passed away from in 2017 after a 30 year battle with ME/CFS.
We don’t really know where this will lead but we feel it’s important to do something. We know that with the LOVE we feel for Anne it can’t be anything but great.♥️


Connie F.Bane about her inspiration and her activity work

“All of my inspiration comes from a thirty eight year friendship between three young girls. Over the years, as I’ve gotten older, I realize that what we had as young girls was incredibly special. Anyone lucky enough to know Anne, felt her. She had a heart you could actually feel. The way her face lit up when she smiled and when she laughed you couldn’t help but laugh right along with her.
Anne was the most beautiful, kind, sweet, funny, tender, smart, loving, caring and strongest girl I knew.
STRENGTH, that is what I will remember about Anne Berry, although, it’s really hard to forget those eyes and that beautiful smile.”

“I tend to lead with my heart and what ever my heart says I usually do.”

“After Anne passed away in 2017 the documentary film ‘UNREST’ was just coming out and we thought it would be a good idea to do a screening in our hometown Glen Ellyn, IL where we just knew we’d fill the theatre, and we did.
Our HOPE was to educate and raise awareness about ME/CFS. I believe that when people showed up that night with their open minds and open hearts, we did just that.”

“Along with Amy and Annes two sisters, Ellen and Jill, we did the Millions Missing action day this past year in our own cities. Representing in Chicago and New York City.
Days later we went to Washington DC with Solve MECFS Initiative for their Advocacy Week where we lobbied with Lawmakers for more funding FY19 and awareness.”

“What we have found talking to the many people we have met along the way, most of them sick with ME, is they don’t have many healthy people advocating for them. That’s part of the problem.
Those who are sick are too sick to fight and to keep fighting.”

“Things are just falling into place and we are open to wherever this is going to take us. We are keeping our hearts open. We feel like Anne is leading us in the direction we need to go. All we want is to end the stigma, bring awareness and educate people to what’s NOT happening for people suffering with this disease. Also talking with our elected officials to get them to do the right thing in funding, finding a bio marker and treatments to start. It really is in the beginning stages. It’s hard to believe that can even be in 2018, but it is.
We only want what is rightfully fair for any human being who is sick.”

“I will say that I’ve seen more movement with ME in the past two years then I’ve seen in thirty years, so that brings me a lot of HOPE. I am in the fight with the millions of people who are literally fighting for their lives, many from their beds. So simple, what ever it is I can do, as I’ve seen with my own eyes what this horrific disease can do to a person.”