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“Rachel Sampson”

1 September 2015
Romance, Thriller
Izzy Romero (Freddy Bastone), Louie DeMarco (Paul Borghese), Rusty Sampson (Philip Casnoff), Frankie DeMarco (William DeMeo), Jeremy Sampson (Stephen Federbusch),
John Petrini
Greg Laub

About ‘Sight Unseen’:

Rusty is a police officer in the small town of Clear River. One evening Rusty is shot by the river while investigating a truck filled with drugs — Rusty never saw who shot him. Two years later, Rusty is seeing visions of a man named Izzy coming after his brother, Jeremy, and a man named Eli in town for a love tryst with his wife, Rachel. He tries desperately to stop both events from happening, while the Sheriff is still hoping to get him to help solve the growing drug problem in town. Can he save his brother, the town, and stop Eli from taking his wife away from him?