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Short, Drama
Tony (Scott Cohen), Susan (Autumn Dornfeld), Anna (Harryo Hugh-Jones), Mourner (Charles Hugh-Jones)
Amy Carlson
Syd Butler, Amy Carlson

About ‘The Letter’:

A grieving NYPD detective’s attempt to connect with her deceased friend’s family gives her unexpected insight into the mystery surrounding her death.

November 18th 2019:

“This weekend I actualized a longtime goal of directing a short film.

It was everything I thought it would be. Thanks to the incredible tireless crew and cast. Thanks to Syd for the story, producing and being my right hand man of many hats. Scott Cohen for trusting me and for his incredible acting! Mike O’Shea for producing and Tara Boccia for saying yes immediately. And so so so many others- I’ll list them later but right now I need to email them all to say the all you!!
I can’t wait to show you “The Letter”!”


 Here are some pictures from the set of our short film “The Letter”