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9 June 2002 (Seattle International Film Festival)
5 January 2003

Devon Sharpe (Bronson Pinchot), Samuel Menendez (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), Albert (Christopher Murney), Psychiatrist (Amy Wright), Bob (Larry Clarke), Sarah (Lauren Braddock), Camilla (Lana Quintal)

Barry Alexander Brown
Dan Harnden

About the Movie:

Barry Alexander Brown’s Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control is a stylish, laugh-filled drama about two road-weary lounge musicians who get the opportunity to revive their act when one of them begins to display psychic abilities. Stuck together in Holiday Inn hell, womanizing drummer Samuel Menendez and uptight loner/keyboard player Devon Sharpe are opposites that do not attract. But when Sam sends away for an audiotape that’s supposed to teach him how to control women and instead begins to channel an enigmatic entity known as the Conductor, Devon sees an opportunity to advance their cause by working up a mentalist act. Unfortunately his attempts to pull the new act together are constantly disrupted by Sam and the Conductor, who have agendas of their own. Butting heads at every turn, Devon and Sam reach for a piece of the pie and, along the way, are coerced into facing their true feelings about women, love, and life. Alternately comic and tragic, Winning Girls Through Psychic Mind Control is the story of two people who, in reaching for success, stumble upon what it really means.