Series / Movie - Your Ratings

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Series / Movie - Your Ratings

Post by Sabrina » Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:53 am

In each Series and Movie Discussion Board (f.e. Blue Bloods) you find a Poll where you can rate Amy's Role from 1-10 now.

you give a movie or series 1-10 stars.
10 being a phenomenally performance, 1 being a terrible piece of crap.

10. ‘Perfect’
You could watch this until eternity without ever getting bored by it

9. ‘Excellent’
It is almost perfect.

8. ‘Very good’
kind of role / movie / show that you could watch again several times

7. ‘Good’
really worth watching

6. ‘Not Bad’
It has some aspects that lift it above and make it quite enjoyable to watch

5. ‘Meh’
It's not good, not bad, just acceptable.

4. ‘Nice Try'
Still bad, but is ‘almost there’.

3. ‘Bad’
Bad, but you agree that watching this was an OK

2. ‘Awful’
Still awful, but has at least one thing that is done well

1. 'Nooo!'
God awful! makes you don't want to watch it again


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