Overall Top Hearts of Gold Stats:

  •  Hearts of Gold has raised $18M over the past 25 years.
  • We help 1,200 homeless moms and kids each year through at least one of our three core pillars (stabilize, support and sustain).
  • We have positively impacted 33,720+ homeless moms and children over nearly 25 years of service.
  • More than 400 “Fresh Start” bags are annually given to moms entering or leaving a NYC homeless shelter.
  • Fresh Start University Stats:

  • 83% of moms who completed the Fresh Start University program have exited the shelter and remain permanently housed. 
  • Coats for Christmas:

  • 18K coats have been provided through our “Coats for Christmas” Program over the past 25 years. 
  • HoG Learning Center Stats:

  •  2,736 hours of tutoring has been provided to children through the HoG Learning Center since its inception in 2014. 
  • We serve 50 homeless and formerly homeless (K-12) students a week through our HoG Learning Center. 

    Back to School Backpack Giveaway Stat:

  • $258,500 has been spent to fully equip our school-aged kids with Back to School bags and supplies through our Back-to-School Backpack Giveaway Program started in 2012

    Since opening for the 2014/2015 school year, The Hearts of Gold’s Learning Center Tutoring Program has provided tutoring services to more than 200 homeless and formerly homeless children living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the Bronx.

    Parents must commit to ensuring that their child attends a minimum of two tutoring sessions per week, each session lasts one hour. By collecting report cards, administering assessment exams, and completing weekly progress reports, we develop an academic picture for each student that guides our individualized tutoring plan.

    The importance of improvement in academic performance is stressed to the parents, tutors, and students throughout the year, and monitored closely by our program staff.

    All of the students served by the HoG Learning Center are from verified low-income households. Additionally, over 80% of the mothers of these children are verified at or below the U.S. federal poverty line.

    95% of the students served by the HoG Learning Center are of African-American and/or
    Latino descent.

    85% of the students live in homeless shelters or transitional housing facilities on the
    Upper West Side of Manhattan, the remaining 15% have a reported history of a lack of
    permanent, self-sufficient housing, as defined by Title 1 of the Elementary and
    Secondary Education Act.

    The average age of our students is 9 years old and the highest concentration of our students is from 4th and 5th grades.

    • 78% of the students attending tutoring sessions for two days per week, for the entire school year, improved their academic performance by one grade by their year-end report card.
    • 50% of our students show a three month improvement in Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT) reading scores after eight months of tutoring.
    • 95% of parents responding to our survey reported seeing a marked improvement in their child’s behavior in school, and their weekly test scores.
    • 90% of families report that our staff are readily accessible and helpful.

    The tutors remain employed at The Hearts of Gold’s Learning Center Tutoring Program for an average of eighteen months (two school years). Our students and tutors often form a strong and positive tutor-student relationship that reinforces academic achievement.

    The Hearts of Gold’s Learning Center Tutoring Program also provides hands-on educational experiences, particularly during the summer months. These include a group model bridge building project to enable the children to hone their math, engineering and teamwork skills; musical instrument instruction and outings to local educational and cultural institutions.