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A New York Moment!

Sometimes wildlife is around you even here in the city! A vendor was shut down because of a bee invansion! Apparently it happens sometimes from the hives on top of hotels that they use for honey —a QueenBee is replaced or dies and the hive moves to start a new one. The NYPD called an officer who loves bees and he is coming down from the Bronx to help. I love how versatile the cops are here they even help with Bees!!! They locked off the corner and are keeping watch beewatcher until the officer arrives. Bees are such an intricate part of our ecosystem that it thrills me to see folks working together on the seemingly little but very important things. The fella whose store/stand it is, was extremely being patient and kind.

Bee careful! “ he told me! ? thanks to the NYPD for bee -ing so helpful!

©Amy Carlson; Instagram