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I am heartbroken by the loss of the sweet soul of Jeremiah Green. Lightest touch on drums and also with people in his life. A soul who was so tender that I’m guessing he closed his eyes in the picture with Syd to shield his vulnerability. After his first paycheck he and I shopped in Soho for a cool new jacket. He was so excited and we both looked carefully in every store (it felt like) in Soho until he found the right one. A snazzy leather with a 70s flare. A couple nights later at Bowery Ballroom we weighed in on his carefully selected new fit for the night’s show. Jeremiah was careful and cautious and kind. I always felt grateful he let me into his orbit. And although our time spent together over the years was in fits and small bursts, many years have passed since Portland when I first saw him and Eric and Isaac load into the Van-shion and drive off to their next show. Pockets of time- celebrating NYE 80s style in Seattle- the Dancehall- wandering the Met looking at art- every moment felt special yet fragile. A beautiful soul gone way too soon. I’ve been listening to MM and when I close my eyes I can see him and that very particular way he plays, moving the shaker to the beat. Will forever miss you buddy. My heart breaks for your wife and son, and your whole family, band family and community. So many so much closer than me- my whole heart goes out to all of you.

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I’m heartbroken to hear the passing of @sluglife. We go back 20 odd years when @lessavyfavofficial played Seattle back in 97 or 98.
I love you Jeremiah. I always loved our friendship and watching you play the drums. You will be deeply missed.

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I don’t know a way to ease into

Today we lost our dear friend

He laid down to rest
and simply faded out.
I’d like to say a bunch of pretty words right now, but it just isn’t the time. These will come later, and from many people.

Please appreciate all the love you give,get, have given, and will get.
Above all, Jeremiah was about love.

We love you.

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