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Today I visited the most remarkable place, the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. To date, they have saved and rehabilitated more than 230 baby elephants and reintroduced 150 who are now living successfully in the wild.
Here I am with Enkesha a two year old elephant born Feb.2016 who not only witnessed her Mother being killed by poachers, but she almost lost her trunk in a poachers trap. Now she can only drink with her mouth. Thanks to the #sheldrickelephantorphanage she is being rehabilitated.

Currently they have 38 young elephants, each with a story, some witnessed their Mother’s death at the hand of poachers, some found alone during the drought. They are loving sweet babies.
You can see after I spoke kindly to Enkesha she came to say hello and give me a hug.
I think she thought my hair was hay:)
We adopted a little elephant named Emoli born Nov. 2016, because he reminded me of my son Nigel with his sweet and curious disposition. He was found collapsed and barely breathing in the #TsavoEastNationalPark during the drought.

© Amy Carlson; Instagram

You too can adopt one!
The money goes to helping all these sweet elephant babies. Every stall has a bunk where a caregiver sleeps to comfort the babies and give them their nighttime feedings as well as offer comfort and companionship. A truly remarkable place.