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Amy Carlson was on the mend from recent eye surgery.
“An eye-muscle problem was giving me double vision and headaches,” Amy reveals “I’ve had it since l was a little kid. I did eye exercises and underwent surgery, but I knew that one day, I‘d have to have another operation.”
So Amy planned her surgery around ‘Another World’s’ kidnapping of ‘Josie’.
“The last day Cody had me, he hit me right in the eye,” she points out. “I said to myself, ‘You know this could probably work out.’ The day I got out of the hole where l was beeing held prisoner. I had the eye surgery done. People don‘t realize that soap actors never got a break.” she adds. “I haven’t had more than two days off since January. People who work in nighttime have six months off so they can get their vision taken care of.”

‘Josie’ will sport her eye patch until Amy’s swelling and redness disappear. “I wear it in the show because I can’t put makeup on my eye,” Amy says. “It would
look funny with one eye made up and one eye all red.”

original article by: Anne Marie Allocca