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by Kambra Clifford

Go on an epic historical journey with Amy Carlson (Josie Watts, Another World), a featured celebrity in the season eight finale of the fascinating documentary series Finding Your Roots.
Soap opera fans know a thing or two about exciting family trees, with most daytime characters being connected to everyone else on the canvas via marriage, affairs, and the occasional sperm swap. But sometimes, real-life family trees are just as interesting, which is often proven on the PBS series Finding Your Roots.

The documentary series presents celebrities with a “book of life” that is compiled with information researched by professional genealogists that allows them to view their ancestral histories, learn about familial connections, and discover secrets about their lineage. The upcoming season eight finale, which airs on PBS on Tuesday, April 19, will delve into the family history of Another World alum Amy Carlson (ex-Josie Watts).

In an exclusive preview clip given to Soap Central, Carlson learns how two of her ancestors ended up meeting completely by chance on a ship coming to America in 1868: eleven-year-old Clara fell down, and Samuel helped her up, not knowing at the time that Clara would eventually become his wife.

“That’s so sweet!” Carlson enthuses upon learning the details of her family history. “That’s how life happens sometimes, right? Totally by accident.”</span