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Kelly Gaffney

Deputy Bureau Chief
Manhattan District Attorney’s Office
Assistant District Attorney


01 – “The Abominable Showman”
New York Assistant D.A. Tracey Kibre tackles the murder of an aspiring Broadway actress.


02 – “41 Shots”
When a police officer is executed by a career criminal A.D.A.’s Kibre and Gaffney must disregard the fact that the accused was shot 41 times by Police.


03 – “Vigilante”
Kibre and Gaffney take on the job of prosecuting a man who is suspected of killing a pedophile, who was recently paroled from prison.


Kelly Gafney: You know, I never asked you–what do you think Colby’s verdict was?
Tracy Kibre: You mean the sealed verdict in the back of some file cabinet somewhere? I don’t speculate.
Gafney: Four hours of deliberating, I know what I think.
Kibre: Well, you are wrong, they convicted him.
04 – “Truth or Consequences”
After a young woman is raped and murdered, A.D.A.s Kibre and Gaffney are puzzled by the triangle of suspects.


05 – “Baby Boom”
Kibre and Gaffney must prosecute a nanny accused of killing the baby she was caring for by causing shaken baby syndrome.


06 – “Pattern of Conduct”
Kibre tries a celebrity basketball star accused of raping and murdering his mistress.


07 – “Bang & Blame”
Kibre and Gaffney must regain their footing before the jury through some old-fashioned detective work which quickly reveals some critical holes in the murderer’s persistent claim that he has been victimized by everyone.


08 – “Skeleton” (Part 1 / Part 2)
crossover from Law and Order
The introduction for this episode aired as the Law & Order episode “Tombstone.”

Kibre prosecutes the man accused of shooting Detective Ed Green and murdering the key witness in the case he was working on.


09 – “The Line”
Kibre hopes for a break from a witness or forensic evidence and in the process alienates partner Gaffney when she ponders contorting ethical rules if necessary.


10 – “Blue Wall”
Kibre prosecutes two cops for the murder of a man being held in custody, who was sodomized by the two officers.


11 – “Day” (Part 1 / Part 2)
crossover episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Out of all crossovers between the Law & Orders, this is the only one that does not involve an episode of the original series.

A.D.A. Kibre works with Detectives Stabler and Benson to prosecute a serial rapist Gabriel after an attack on A.D.A Novak.


12 – “Boys Will Be Boys”
Kibre prosecutes the man accused of murdering his girlfriend who turns out to be a sex changed person, but Kibre soon runs into trouble when his father confesses to the same crime.

(About the defendant’s attorney Ana Mendez)
Tracey Kibre: She used to work here.
Kelly Gaffney: She was a prosecutor?
Tracey Kibre: Yeah, good. One flaw. Sometimes she thought the defendants were telling the truth.
13 – “Eros in the Upper Eighties”
In the interests of justice, A.D.A.’s Kibre and Gaffney are forced to prosecute a doorman who killed a homeless man while he attacked a frightened woman who lived in the building.