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Katie Owen

undertaker and mortician
Forensic Pathologist


01 – “Pilot”
In the series premiere, the murder of a land baron brings the scientifically inclined Larimer Finch to Silver City. Although Marshal Stone is put off by the Yale-educated detective, the two find common ground. Meanwhile, Stone is stalked by a figure from his past.

02 – “29 seconds”
A convicted murderer headed for the town’s newfangled gallows weighs on the mind of Stone, who questions the man’s skill with a rifle after taking notice of his eyesight. But convincing the victim’s mother of his innocence is another matter.

03 – “No Excuse”
The mayor’s efforts to entertain investors are frustrated by Stone, Finch and Katie, who link the murder of a shady out-of-towner with the local saloon—and Luci.

04 – “Dead to Rights”
A local trader perishes in a cabin fire along with a female companion, alarming the residents of Silver City, who fear an attack from the disgruntled Arapaho tribe. Complicating matters is Katie’s painful discovery of the female victim’s identity.

05 – “Legend of the Gun”

06 – “The perfect Crime”
Finch’s reputation suffers when $20,000 is swiped from a mining company under his watch and the only clues available are a Pinkerton badge and a wounded man in Katie’s care.

07 – “The Witness”
Stone and Finch’s investigation of the sudden murder of a visiting scam artist centers on another out-of-towner, an alluring woman with a curious connection to the victim. Her train-ticket number is one removed from that of the deceased.

08 – “Bad Company”
A pair of oilmen arrive in Silver City full of big promises for the locals—until the murder of the mayor’s brother-in-law prompts Stone and Finch to investigate the city slickers’ true agenda.

09 – “Town without Pity”
Stone investigates the kidnapping of the wife (Dahlia Salem) of the new minister (Neil Maffin). The incident, which exposes the couple’s troubles, forces Stone to do some soul-searching.


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