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Alex Taylor

FDNY Paramedic/Firefighter


In 2002, Alex was injured in a car crash, but she met her end a year later while working as a paramedic. A new paramedic named Eugene had not turned up for work, so Alex was asked to work the shift as a medic. While comforting an injured couple in a car accident, the car she was sitting on exploded, literally blowing her in half. She died moments later in Carlos’ arms.


01 – “Lights Up”
As the blackout continues throughout the city, the squads face the looting, fires, and riots which occur in its wake. Battling an angry mob, Sully and Ty rescue an injured man and woman who turn out to be George Hancock, the Chief of Patrol, and his mistress Nancy. The paper publishes a picture of Ty carrying Hancock from the scene on the front page and hails Ty as a hero cop, much to his disgust. Against Ty’s better judgment, Sully cooperates with the brass in whitewashing Hancock’s presence at the scene. After Nancy collapses at the hospital, she is rushed into surgery, but not before denying Dr. Field’s assessment that she’s been raped. Bosco roams the city looking for Faith, and finally tracks her down just as Faith manages to carry Fred out of the building after rescuing him from the elevator. After they race him to Mercy, an overwrought Faith lashes out viciously and unfairly, first at Proctor and then at Bosco. As painful as her words are to hear, Bosco realizes the truth behind some of them and decides to change his ways, starting with destroying the evidence against Latrell and letting him go free. Sully tells Tatiana that he believes her when she says that she’s not the Natasha Guerin on the rap sheet with the four prostitution collars and that it’s all been some kind of big mistake. Later that evening after she falls asleep, Sully takes her vodka glass, puts it in an evidence bag, and hides it. Doc and Carlos have it out again, and this time it’s Doc on the receiving end of a partner’s harsh truths.

02 – “The Chosen Few”
Bosco gets a temporary assignment working with a tough female sergeant; Fred is strangely calm in the face of the prospect of a triple bypass; Doc hears shocking news from Philadelphia; Sully learns more about Tatiana’s past; Davis is forced to deal with his newfound fame.
Amy Carlson does not appear in this episode

03 – “To Protect…”
The frightened parents of a missing boy seek vengeance against a known child molester in their building while the police desperately search until they think they’ve found the victim — but only firefighter Alex can ultimately save him. Meanwhile, an uneasy Officer Sullivan reluctantly agrees to help a hated fellow cop in an undercover operation that will exploit his Ukrainian wife’s secret connection to a Russian mob boss. A cavalier Carlos offers to hook up a disinterested Doc with an “older” woman.

04 – “Crash and Burn”
Doherty, riding on his motorcycle, is first to arrive at a multivehicle collision; Alex is hit by a car; Tatiana goes to see Chevchenko, and tragedy ensues.


Woman: You’re a paramedic and a fireman?
Taylor: Yeah. It gets confusing sometimes.
Woman: That’s amazing. I can’t even balance a checkbook.
Taylor: Yeah, neither can I.
Taylor: I’m glad you weren’t there or you could’ve gotten hit too.
Kim: Eh. I would have looked both ways.

05 – “Judgement Day (1)”
Chevchenko has Tatiana’s son killed; Fred comes home from the hospital; and Davis gets a job offer.
Amy Carlson does not appear in this episode

06 – “Judgement Day (2)”
Sully tries to get revenge on Chevchenko for Tatiana’s murder. Fred helps mend Faith and Emily’s souring relationship.
Amy Carlson does not appear in this episode

07 – “Firestarter”
Boscorelli is in the supermarket with his mother when a fire starts in the facility. When everyone is out and the ambulances are there, Bosco is told by Jimmy that he thinks the fire was started by someone, seconds later, Bosco sees someone that smiles while he’s watching the fire and he thinks that he is the one who started it.

08 – “Ladies’ Day”
Emily discovers just what Faith’s job entails and how much her mother loves her when they are taken hostage during a bank robbery, and Faith risks her life to save her daughter.
Amy Carlson does not appear in this episode

09 – “Crime and Punishment (1)”
Doc and Joy hook up. Miguel White witnesses one drug dealer murder another, and becomes the dealer’s next target. On his first day back at work, Sully rides with Faith, who is put off by his short fuse and bad attitude. When he leaves a prisoner unguarded and uncuffed, Faith tells him to go home because he’s not ready to be back on the job. Sully gets drunk and goes to his mother’s nursing home. Sobbing about Tatiana, he tries to batter down the door when the receptionist won’t let him in and calls the police. After Hancock arrives on the scene, Sully mouths off to him about Nancy in front of the other officers who are there to take him home.

10 – “Crime and Punishment (2)”
Bosco is dismayed as he watches Cruz go to the extreme lengths of planting drugs, frightening children, and faking a dying declaration in their attempt to arrest the drug dealer who killed another dealer and then tried to to kill the 12 year old boy who witnessed the crime; Nancy tells Ty that she’s ending her relationship with Hancock, and gives Ty the ammunition he needs to get out from under Hancock’s thumb and back to duty at the 55, as well as getting Sully’s suspension from duty lifted.

11 – “Second Chances”
Doc supervises a new paramedic on her first day; Carlos is arrested after a teenaged patient accuses him of molesting her; Bosco and Faith search for an escaped prisoner; Sully and Davis team up with fire and EMS to save construction workers when their scaffold collapses; in the aftermath of the bank robbery, Faith is troubled when Emily asks her how many people she’s killed in the line of duty.

12 – “Castles of Sand”
Ty bails Carlos out and unsuccessfully tries to help him smooth things over with Nicole; after Bosco and Faith break up a domestic disturbance between an old friend of Faith’s and her lover, Faith convinces her friend to leave the abusive relationship; Alex gets irritated when the other firefighters make fun of her brother; Sully continues to drink and have a poor attitude on the job; Jimmy is appalled when his face appears on a poster for an erectile dysfunction product, and is stunned when he discovers that the company paid the charity for whom he posed for the picture $10,000 for the right to use the picture, and that their website got 3,000 hits the first day from women wanting to know his name; when he discovers that everyone thinks that he’s guilty and he’s likely to lose his case, Carlos resigns in the hope that Nicole will drop the matter, and he’ll be able to avoid a conviction that will end his visits with Kylie and his hopes of becoming a doctor


Taylor: I wouldn’t need my brother to help me take care of Carlos.
DK: Especially not your brother.
(to Jimmy)
Taylor: No, you were a jerk way before this morning.
(to Jimmy)
Taylor: I don’t know why your tart du jour’s giving you a hassle.

13 – “Snow Blind”
Sully’s stopped drinking, but his poor attitude remains; Carlos gives his two week notice; a blizzard blankets the city and the squads are called in early; an understaffed Doc defies orders and puts Carlos back on the street as the squads are kept busy rescuing victims of the storm; Faith’s initial wariness about Emily’s new boyfriend Eric turns out to be well-founded when he is brought into Mercy after an overdose of Special K, but doesn’t remember where he left Emily after she also got high; Faith, Bosco, Sully, Ty, Doc and Carlos go out to search for Emily, and rush her to Mercy after she’s found in critical condition; Faith and Fred blame each other for letting Emily go out with Eric.


(looking for a guy’s fingers in the snow)
Kim: Hey, I got one!

(about Kim looking for the guy’s fingers)
Guy: She gonna find them all?
Taylor: She won’t stop looking ’til she does.


14 – “Collateral Damage (1)”
As Faith waits for Emily to awaken from her coma, she blames everyone but her daughter for the overdose and reflects on the substance abuse problems in her family; after Cruz’s sister is brought into the hospital with an overdose, Cruz gets Sully, Ty and Bosco to look the other way on any possession charges and sets off with Bosco to find the location of her supplier’s meth lab, where they end up in an inferno when the dealer sets the house on fire; Kim is reluctant to give a statement in Carlos’s case because she’s feeling pressured to lie to save his career
Amy Carlson does not appear in this episode

15 – “Collateral Damage (2)”
As she keeps vigil by Emily’s bedside, Faith recalls her first days at the Police Academy and the beginning of her friendship with Bosco; the fire squad rescues Bosco, Maritza, and a very pregnant Linda Barnes from the inferno, but Lettie Cruz succumbs to her drug binge before they can reach her; Emily is released from the hospital and takes responsibility for her overdose; Bosco tracks down Gary Barnes with Linda’s help; Maritza and Bosco’s relationship goes to a new level when he attempts to comfort her on the loss of her sister; Kim finally testifies before the review board and stands up for Carlos.

16 – “10-13”
Sully hits bottom when Ty washes his hands of the partnership after the former’s drinking goes completely out of control; a thief strikes fear in the hearts of the police when he phones in false “officer-in-need-of-assistance” calls to cover his fur store robberies; Faith and Maritza go at it after Maritza’s lonesome cowboy tactics nearly gets another cop killed, and Faith is forced to shoot a perp to save Maritza’s life after she goes after the perp without backup; Doc has an unpleasant encounter with Joy’s father; Faith is disgusted when she finds out about Bosco and Maritza, and Maritza confirms that she put Bosco in front of a lie about a dying declaration to obtain a conviction on a drug dealer; Ty overcompensates for Sully’s inattention to the job by becoming a “supercop” with an eye to getting a gold shield.

17 – “Letting Go”
Faith rebuffs Bosco’s attempt to apologize for lying to her; the fire squad extricates a driver impaled after crashing into a store; after Doc makes an impassioned defense of Carlos before the review board, a re-energized Carlos goes back out on the street; Sully’s job performance continues to decline as he neglects to keep an eye on a woman he was supposed to be guarding, and she snatches her critically ill baby from Mercy’s E.R.; after they discover that the woman is mentally ill, Ty takes a multi-story tumble while trying to prevent her from jumping off a roof with the baby; Faith is stunned when an initially reluctant Emily is eager to continue visiting a drug counselor; Ty catches Sully drinking in the R.M.P. and seeks advice from a union rep; Carlos loses his job as part of the department’s settlement with the West family.


Taylor: They said he’s impaled right?
Kim: Yeah, impaled.
Taylor: I hate that.
Kim: We’re gonna need some extra bulky dressing.
Taylor: And a barf bag.

18 – “Last Call”
In a last-ditch effort to save Sully’s life, job, and pension by getting him dried out, Ty and Bosco kidnap him and bring him to a cabin deep in the woods where he hallucinates about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Tatiana, Chevchenko and Ty’s father, and his subsequent descent into alcoholism.
Amy Carlson does not appear in this episode

19 – “Everybody Lies”
Sully is sober and back on the job; Faith continues to keep a close watch on Emily; a mutual attraction springs up between Kim and a reporter; Faith and Bosco pursue a man after he steals a bag of money from an overturned armored car involved in a fatal accident; Faith is unable to dissuade Bosco from wanting to hide the cash after the robber drops it, rather than carrying such a heavy load during a foot chase, and is proved right when they return later to retrieve the bag and find that it’s been stolen yet again; faced with disciplinary action and investigations by the Major Case Squad and IAB, they pound the pavement trying to find the second perp and discover that the accident with the armored car had been staged by one of the guards and his girlfriend; Maritza ends up stealing the first perp’s collar from Faith, which further erodes their relationship; Bosco is jealous when the Major Case Squad detective running the investigation turns out to be Maritza’s former boyfriend; as Doc and Kim rush Nicole West to Mercy after a suicide attempt, she tells Kim that her stepfather Anthony has been molesting her; when Nicole’s mother refuses to believe that her husband has done anything wrong, Kim implores Melinda to see that her daughter is crying out for help with repeated suicide attempts; after Nicole convinces Melinda that Anthony is guilty and reveals that her accusations against Carlos were false, Melinda apologizes and withdraws her complaint against Carlos and the city; still at odds over trust and honesty issues, Faith and Bosco trade painfully honest barbs and decide to split up; Carlos is elated when Ty tells him he’s being reinstated.
Amy Carlson does not appear in this episode

20 – “In Confidence”
Kim is invited to a party by Noble. Noble is arrested through an undercover operation. He becomes an informant and helps Cruz and Bosco bust a Meth ring. Faith officially requests a new partner. Emily and Faith face off about Eric.
Amy Carlson does not appear in this episode

21 – “Closing In”
Cruz’s desire to find the leader of the Meth ring puts Bosco in a uncomfotable position. Faith tries to improve her relationship with Emily and also gets a new partner, Sasha, at work. Noble is released and sets up a new date with Kim.
Amy Carlson does not appear in this episode

22 – “The Price of Nobility”
Maritza’s reckless pursuit of Buford triggers a horrific car accident that leads to multiple injuries to motorists, and triggers an explosion that severely injures Lt. Johnson and kills Alex Taylor; Doc and Kim get to the top of the promotion list; Maritza hangs Bosco and Nunez out to dry over the murder Noble committed; Doc’s overwhelming guilt and grief over Alex’s death leads him to a career decision; Maritza discovers that Faith has agreed to help Bosco clear Nunez by getting Noble’s gun, and goes to Noble’s place to intercept her, followed by Bosco and Noble; when Bosco insists on arresting Noble and Faith refuses to turn over the gun, Maritza draws on Faith, Bosco and Faith draw on Maritza, and three shots ring out.


Lt. Johnson: Attention ladies!
Taylor: Easy boss, these are no ladies.
Lt. Johnson: My apologies to you actual ladies.
(to Kim)
Taylor: And just like that, you’ll be number 12 and 5K richer a year.
Taylor: Why is it always me?
Walsh: ‘Cause you’re the one with the delicate touch little lady.
Taylor: It comes down to: I have more skill and less choices. Womanhood in the land of the free.
Taylor: It’s always the same. Guys don’t like having women in the department, so they find excuses to put us in these girlie-ass jobs.
Doc: Girlie? Do I look girlie to you?
Taylor: I don’t really like riding on the ambulance anymore.
Old Man: If you don’t mind, we’re glad you are.
Taylor: Don’t tell anyone, but right now I am too.
Taylor: {crying} My mother…
Carlos: It’s gonna be okay.
Taylor: …tell her it didn’t hurt.
Carlos: {softly} Okay.
Taylor’s Mom: Officer, could you turn off the lights and siren? I don’t care if it takes a little bit longer to get there.
Davis: Yes ma’am.
Taylor’s Mom:

From the time she could talk, she wanted to do whatever her father did. He fished, she fished. He loved football, she loved football. When he fixed something around the house, she would just stare at him. Whatever he did. He got himself killed.


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